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Acai is one of the best known superfoods . Renowned for its extraordinary properties, including its antioxidant content, it would be healthier. But also to lose weight more easily.

But be careful not to lend him virtues he does not have. To unravel the truth from the fake, we tell you more about the acai, and the good ways to consume it.


A little history of acai

Acai is a small fruit that grows mainly in the Amazon forest. Neighbor of Guarana , it is also part of the diet, but also the traditional medicine of the tribes who live there. The young shoots are consumed for their high protein content, but also carbohydrates. They are picked fresh when they take a slightly violet color (close to that of blueberries).

It was not until the end of the 20th century that  acai took European businesses by storm . Today it is very easily found in powder form, a dry extract which is obtained after crushing and drying the fruit. You can also buy some in the form of puree, usually frozen. Since its export, this superfood is very popular with athletes.

But also people wishing to lose weight or have healthy skin and hair . It is also the famous television host Oprah Winfrey who popularized it, especially in the form of supplement slimming or beauty.

Despite some reluctance of specialists in its effectiveness, particularly therapeutic, acai explodes in sales. Its trade today represents a market of more than 100 million dollars in the United States alone. Be careful to choose your acai, to avoid counterfeits or formulas completely ineffective.

Acai berry: what are the benefits?

The acai berries have many virtues very interesting for your health. Even if one does not find all the benefits of garcinia , one can benefit from it. Here are the most interesting, in terms of health, beauty, and well being.

A powerful antioxidant effect

The acai berry is mainly known for its antioxidant effects. Indeed, it is particularly rich in manganese and polyphenols, which have the particularity of inhibiting the action of free radicals. This is particularly important since it is these molecules that oxidize the cells of our body, and accelerate their aging.
As a result, it is considered that acai could participate in the treatment of certain cancers and other degenerative diseases. It would also be a good natural way to slow the aging of the skin.

Acai is also appreciated for its anti-proliferative properties , which reduces the expansion of malignant cells (including leukemia) in your body.

A booster of our cardiac functions

Acai is also particularly rich in anthocyanins. This natural antioxidant, which is also found in red wine, will help balance your bad and good cholesterol levels.

It also has a protective cardio action because of its content of plant sterols. It promotes better circulation of blood and dilation of blood vessels, which will automatically reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

A good boost for a more beautiful skin

As we have just seen, acai berries slow down the aging of the skin. Used as an oil, it is therefore an excellent alternative to anti-aging creams containing chemicals.

Whether you ingest or apply it directly to your skin, its antioxidant content, but also minerals and vitamins will help you find a healthier and brighter skin.

Acai promotes digestion

Another benefit of acai, the latter would boost your digestive function. Indeed, this small berry would have the particularity of detoxifying your digestive system. It is also an excellent source of fiber that will smooth your transit and prevent constipation.

Reduce pulmonary irritation

Like berries in general (including grapes, blackberries or raspberries), acai helps prevent your lungs from getting irritated. This is very important since it is one of the main factors of respiratory distress.

An enhancer of immune defenses

According to the latest studies on the effects of acai, the latter contains photochemical compounds that would limit the cellular mutation of molecules. This makes it possible to inhibit the proliferation of tumors and cancers, but also to cure certain diseases. In general, we can remember that these small berries boosts our immune system.

An energy boost

Because of its beneficial effect on the body (and especially because of its antioxidant content), the acai would improve our energy levels. This is particularly interesting for athletes, who have noticed better endurance and resistance to muscle fatigue.

This is due to the action of antioxidants on free radicals. Your body needs fewer resources to fight against their ill effects, so it can focus on its other functions. It is therefore more likely to repel fatigue, but also stress.

Acai improves libido

It is well known, good sexual functions (and especially erection in men) depend on optimal blood circulation. By playing a direct role in this area, the acai can thereby stimulate our libido, and strengthen the male erection.

Improve cognitive functions

Recent studies have shown that acai will have a beneficial effect on our cognitive function. It will slow down aging of the brain, for example, and boost memory.

Acai and weight loss: is it justified?

We also hear a lot about the benefits of acai on weight loss. In fact, according to the latest research conducted on this subject, it would essentially be a marketing speech intended to boost sales of dietary supplements. Indeed, if you can often read that drinking acai juice would lose weight without dieting, it’s absolutely wrong.

Admittedly, acai, which is rich in dietary fiber, has naturally laxative virtues. It is therefore a good natural boost for those who have problems with constipation. Or who would like to purify their body. However, there is no direct link between slow transit and overweight. As a result, consuming a lot of acai does not help to get rid of its extra pounds.

The acai can be integrated into a slimming diet to regulate its intestinal transit. But this is by no means a miracle solution to find the line. It is necessary to follow a healthy diet, and to do sports at least half an hour a day. It is therefore a boost, but not an effective remedy against overweight.

Dosage and contraindications

The acai is commercially available in many forms. The best known are:

  • in powder ;
  • juice;
  • energy drinks ;
  • ice cream and sorbets;
  • desserts;
  • frozen puree.

In general, it is recommended to limit the equivalent of 2 acai capsules per day, all on a course of up to 3 months.

You can find acai powder in some food supplements. Presented as capsules, they are easy to consume (with a large glass of water). It is interesting to take them in parallel with a slimming diet, or to benefit from its antioxidant effects.

For the moment, we do not know him any serious risk for health . Indeed, it does not cause any particular side effect, and does not interact with other drugs. However, it is recommended that you observe a few precautions, especially if you are taking cancer treatment. Ditto if you have intestinal problems, it will then show you cautious. In all cases, the supervision of a health specialist will be necessary.

For more efficiency, you can combine acai with other berries and superfoods. And especially :

  • Goji berries,
  • turmeric ,
  • ginseng;
  • guarana.

How to buy quality Acai?

If you want to benefit from the many benefits of the acai berry, you still need to buy quality. Indeed, because of its huge popularity, there are many unscrupulous manufacturers. This is particularly the case for fruit juices, which are rarely natural and often cut with other fruits. My advice: be careful and read the labels well to avoid a bad surprise.

To avoid these problems of quality, the good solution also remains to prefer the capsules. Pay attention to their vitamin concentration. Also take into account the dosages indicated to avoid overdose problems, which can be dangerous for your health.

What is the best acai-based supplement?

If you are looking for a quality supplement, I recommend Pure Acai Berry, This capsule contains indeed, as its name suggests, pure acai, which will allow you to fight against the action of free radicals, but also boost your energy levels.

If you follow a diet, you certainly know that being physically active and having good energy levels is essential for long-term survival. But also to avoid the stress and frustration that usually accompany a low calorie diet.

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