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Have you ever heard of Bach flowers? The health of Bach flowers has long been a mystery: they relax, soothe, promote relaxation … But did you know that they can also help you to cope with sleep disorders ? You doubt it? Here is the link between the famous Bach flower and sleep. After reading, you will also know the different benefits of these floral elixirs, their various uses and contraindications.

Bach flowers: who are they? What is it about ?

Bach flowers are floral elixirs obtained through a solar infusion process . Each of the flowers aims a mood, emotion and have the power to change a negative state to turn it into positive. Used in the form of drops, these flowers have an action on the energy system allowing it to self-balance.

Bach flower therapy is a preventive tool for health .

Good to know: Bach flowers are named after Dr. Edward Bach, their designer. This English doctor specialized in bacteriology and surgery, but interested in homeopathy, led from 1928 to 1936 several researches on the use of This flowers.

Bach flower

How are they prepared?

Bach flowers are floral essences prepared with wild flowers except spring water and chestnut bud. A total of 38 different flowers were selected. These were picked by hand in the morning dew. They are then infused in the sun.

The floral elixirs aim to harmonize the psychic life and boost the vitality by having an action on the emotional states.

These preparations are natural . They are meant to supplement medical care and help users get out of their negative state.

These floral essences can be used alone or mixed with others (no more than seven).

Bach Flower Sleep: Which to choose to promote sleep?

Sleep disorders are due to several states: stress, loneliness, fear, despair … With Bach flowers, you can find a peaceful sleep.

Depending on your situation, choose the Bach flowers you need:

You are afraid of not getting sleep: 

Are you anxious and your sleep is not restorative? The fear of not falling asleep adds to insomnia? The Bach flower that you need is the Mimulus , a flower of relaxation for anxious people and feeling a well identified and precise fear. This fear can be a phobia or a fear causing a blockage.

To use Mimulus, simply dilute two drops of this flower in a small glass of water (or under the tongue) and consume this mixture four times a day.

You can not relax: 

It’s in your character: you do everything at a steady pace and you can not let go. And around you, they are few to follow you. As a result, you can not relax when you go to bed.

If you are in this situation, the Bach flower to use is the Impatiens . This relaxing flower is ideal for people who are constantly on the alert. This Bach flower will help you be less stressed and therefore more relaxed. In the evening, you will be able to fall asleep more easily.

The ideal dosage of Impatiens is: four times a day, two drops added in a small glass of water or under the tongue. You can take this course 1 to 5 days to rebalance your situation or between 20 and 30 days if you feel that your emotional state is more important.

The other benefits of Bach flowers on health

In addition to their effects on sleep, Bach flowers have other health benefits. They allow to:

  • Fighting mood swings : Bach blossoms can help you react less impulsively and regain a sense of reality. Treatment: four drops four times a day of an elixir composed of mustard, chestnut, white chestnut and gorse.
  • Say stop to overwork : with Bach flowers, overcome your negative state of mind, improve your concentration and regain vitality. Treatment: four drops four times a day of a blend of agrimony, elm, charm and olive.
  • Fighting anxiety attacks : some Bach flowers help you fight against stress and overcome your fears. Treatment: four drops four times a day of an elixir including trembling aspen, prunus, red horse chestnut and sunflower.
  • Stop smoking : with Bach flowers, stay calm and relaxed to get rid of this addiction. Treatment: four drops four times a day of a mixture of rock water, alene, chestnut bud and impatience.
  • Better focus : Bach flowers are effective at regaining good concentration and being less distracted. Treatment: four drops four times a day of a mixture of clematis, horse chestnut and wild oats.

Do Bach flowers have contraindications?

Natural, Bach flower therapy is harmless and effective. No contraindications and no side effects were identified. Due to the presence of alcohol, particular vigilance should be paid to people suffering from pathologies such as epilepsy and schizophrenia. Ditto for people following alcohol withdrawal, you have to be careful.

Note: laboratories offer non-alcoholic Bach flowers (glycerine, maple or cider vinegar).

Also note that a reaction may occur as a result of using a flower. If you face this situation, do not panic, as this is part of the practice. This effect lasts between two and three days during which it is necessary to continue the treatment.

How to use Bach flowers?

Generally, it is advisable to take the single flower or the diluted mixture four times a day . For stable results, the cure should be followed for three weeks in parallel with a follow-up. Bach flowers are taken orally directly in the mouth or mixed with a drink.

In conclusion, Bach flowers are the miracle solution to sleep better?

Bach flowers are therefore an effective solution to remedy these sleep disorders and therefore to find peaceful and restful nights. On the other hand, it is important to respect their dosage and dosage . Increasing them will not increase their effects!


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