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ChitosanChitosan (which must be pronounced “kitozane”) is extracted from the shell of seafood (such as shrimp). This fiber consists of substances (especially water-soluble) that our body can not digest and therefore works concretely as cellulose.

This is precisely what will give this super food its slimming properties. It is found in many food supplements that must help you get rid of your extra pounds. Indeed, by binding to fatty acids in your gut, they will facilitate burning and elimination.

In this article, I explain more precisely how chitosan works. But also its many benefits, how to consume it, and where to find it?

A short history of chitosan

Unlike the majority of super foods that we present on Place UK People, the therapeutic virtues of chitosan are only recently known. Indeed, it was previously used only to make cosmetics or clothing. But after much medical research, we now know that it has several benefits for our health.

For starters, we started using chitosan as a vehicle. That is, a carrier for containing drugs or other forms of treatment (such as vaccines or genes / antigens). For example, chitosan is found in the capsules so that the active substance can reach its target (an organ in particular).


There are various active substances in chitosan, including:

  • polysaccharide : sourced in chitin, this substance has the particularity of trapping fat and promote their elimination. For good results, your chitosan must contain at least 90% chitin (also rich in sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide) if you want it to be effective.
  • Amino sugars : Chitosan also contains glucosamine copolymers and N-acetylglucosamine. It is about amino sugars which makes it possible to form and repair our cartilage. They will also act as solvents that will repair the tissues.

Chitosan is found mainly in the shell of crustaceans (such as shrimp, crab, squid but also lobster). When consumed as a powder, it would take about 20 kg of shell to produce 1 kg of therapeutic chitosan.

The benefits of chitosan

Chitosan has many benefits for our body. Here are the main ones.

Trapping fat

Chitosan eliminates the lipids we eat, especially in high-fat foods. Indeed, it will dissolve our fat reserves, especially in the abdomen and hips. It is therefore a good way to find a flatter belly.

Regulate the sugar and carbohydrates

Chitosan also acts on sugars and carbohydrates, which it will allow to capture and eliminate before they are assimilated by your body. It is therefore a valuable ally for people wishing to lose weight, especially if you have a diet rich in high energy products (such as sports drinks, for example).

Reduce bad cholesterol

If you have bad cholesterol, or want to increase your blood cholesterol, you can turn to chitosan. The latter also acts on the fat molecules and fatty acids to which it will bind. It will serve as a vehicle to expel them in your stool.

to satisfy one’s hunger

In the manner of effects of konjac or raspberry ketone , chitosan also has film-forming properties. This means that it will take a viscous consistency in contact with other nutrients in your stomach and turn into a gel. If you want to lose weight, this is very good news because in addition to protecting your digestive system, this gel will fill it naturally and therefore regulate your appetite. This will help you reduce your daily calorie intake more efficiently.

Decrease your blood pressure

Chitosan is also very effective in regulating your blood pressure. Indeed, the latter will tend to increase if you consume a lot of salt. It will act by absorbing the chloride ions in your intestines, and eliminate them.

Boost the functioning of the liver

Your liver is not usually a big fan of lipids, as they will prevent it from working properly. By eliminating them, chitosan will allow you to boost your liver function, including secretion of bile, liver cleansing and detoxification. It is also an excellent natural ally for metabolizing carbohydrates, lipids and proteins more efficiently.

Strengthen the immune defenses

Chitosan boosts your immune system, and has the same benefits as turmeric , including allowing your body to produce more nitric oxide or macrophages. These last will indeed destroy the particles foreign to your organism.

It is therefore an excellent natural vasodilator , which will improve the oxygenation of your body and allow you to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

Chitosan also acts as a powerful shield against viruses. It protects you against parasites, bacteria and fungal infections, but also viral invasions. It also binds to deadly organisms like salmonella and inhibits them before they can multiply in your body.

Regulate your metabolism

Chitosan will regulate your metabolism, especially that of calcium and trace elements. It also facilitates the transport of active ingredients and nutrients contained in our diet. It is therefore recommended to boost the digestive system and eliminate more easily heavy metals.

Regenerate the cells

Chitosan is also an excellent cell regenerator, which can be interesting if you have necrosis. But also just as an adult, because it is an excellent solution against the natural aging of cells.

Side effects of chitosan

As we have just seen, chitosan has many properties. It can therefore be effective in different situations, and to obtain very varied results. Here are the main ones:

Against scars

Chitosan is an easily biodegradable and biocompatible element that can be very effective after a medical procedure. It will then serve as a natural dressing and facilitate the healing of your wound. It should also be reduced in less than a month, according to the latest studies conducted in Japan.

For healthy hair

If you want to give a little flexibility to your hair, there is a very simple solution. Indeed, the latter being an excellent film-forming, it will create as a protection of your scalp and improve its mechanical properties.

It is also an excellent moisturizing agent, which will nourish them deeply. So we find in many hair care, but also for the skin.

Define the muscles

If you do bodybuilding, chitosan is an excellent supplement in dry periods. It will not only reduce your body fat, but also define your muscles. It is also a good natural way to boost your physical performance, and improve the elasticity of your skin.

Prevent cardiovascular and brain diseases

Consuming chitosan regularly can help you fight diseases that are caused by excess fat. This is the case of cardiovascular disorders, but also cerebral.

Prevent tumors

As we have seen, chitosan improves cell renewal. But it also fights invasive and harmful cells for the body. It is therefore recommended as an adjunct to treatment for cancer or malignancy.

Regenerate bone tissue

By making calcium more bioavailable in your body, chitosan will promote the regeneration of bone tissue. Considered a natural polymer, it boosts the reconstruction of bones, especially after a fracture or other accident.

It is therefore found in the composition of certain drugs, and in particular in that of microcapsules.


Chitosan is usually found as a dietary supplement (powder or capsule). In general, our advice will always be to respect the dosage indicated by its manufacturer. But you should keep in mind that a daily dose, depending on your needs and your weight, will be between 3 and 6 grams . Divide this dosage into two takes. Your treatment can last from 1 to 2 months.

Preferably take your chitosan before going to the table (about 15 minutes before eating) and accompanied by a large glass of water. This will allow it to dissolve better in the stomach, but also to activate its cut hunger effect .

Buy chitosan

As we have seen above, you can buy chitosan in many forms. Initially, it is in powder form, but for an easier grip, you will also find it in tablet or capsules.

Whichever one you choose, you must pay attention to the composition of the food supplement that you choose (and which will vary from one reference to the other). Starting with its concentration in deacetylasiation, which must be greater than 89%. Also look at its molecular weight. The supplements in which he will be weaker will be of better quality.

It is also advised to focus capsules combining chitosan with vitamin C . Indeed, a recent study conducted in Korea has shown that this combination would better trap and eliminate fat.

Also prefer safe resellers like pharmacies and specialized websites. This will allow you to have a guarantee on its effectiveness, but also to make sure that it is not a counterfeit.

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