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Noni juice – This is a fruit native to Southeast Asia, used for centuries in various traditional medicines. Despite its strong smell, we lend it many benefits  that we propose to discover here.

Do you have muscle or joint pain? Chronic headaches? Do you have trouble sleeping or are you too stressed? Want to lose a few extra pounds more easily? Consume noni juice is to make a complete health cure for your body , 100% natural!

Let’s discover the properties and potential risks of Noni juice, to find out if it deserves a place in your diet.

Noni juice

Noni juice, the medicine of Ayurvedic medicine

Noni is a fruit with an atypical appearance, a kind of cross between potato and apple , which sometimes gives it the nickname of apple-dog. It is green, the size of a potato, with a soft bark and whitish flesh … with a very unpleasant smell, reminiscent of rotten cheese. This is the reason why the fruit is sometimes referred to as cheese fruit!

The fruit of Noni grows on the tree Morinda citrifolia (sometimes called Nono tree) and is found mainly in Southeast Asia, Australia or Polynesia. If the natives consumed it only during a period of famine, mainly because of its unpleasant smell, Noni’s now commercially available juice is processed so as not to smell bad. Do not worry about this drink, which will not smell anything and that will be especially beneficial to your body. Ditto for noni capsules, odorless and tasteless!

Noni has been known for more than 2000 years And Polynesians have used it in their traditional medicine for ages. The juice, but also the bark, the flesh or the flower of the Noni would bear interesting properties, as you will discover thereafter. This same use of Noni is found in Ayurvedic medicine , where the fruit is known to be a protective fruit .

It was marketed in the early 90s in the United States and then throughout Europe, with increasing success. Since then, his consumption has exploded all over the planet and has become a real star product in Hawaii (where he is considered a sacred healer!) , Australia, Florida or Tahiti.

At home, the use of Noni has long been confined to the dyeing of clothes, until its benefits are known in more detail. It is now easily found in most organic stores.

Let’s see how to enjoy the virtues of Noni easily!

How is the noni prepared and consumed?

As mentioned above, the fruit of the nono tree is mainly consumed in the form of Noni juice, which helps to neutralize its terrible odor . It is also easy to find dietary supplements with a concentrate of Noni, powders to dilute and you will probably see mentions of Noni extracts in some cosmetics to take care of the hair.

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It is advisable to follow a course of juice Noni , to enjoy its many benefits. A small glass of juice every morning for 1 to 3 months will bring you many benefits. If you use Noni pills, follow the directions prescribed with your product!

Let’s see now why the juice of Noni is raging right now!

Noni juice and its many benefits for the body

If it has been used for so long in natural medicines , it is because it is good for health. This is indeed a natural solution to relieve many pains and prevent certain diseases. Here is an overview of its benefits!

A juice that helps relieve joint and muscle pain

It has a recognized analgesic effect , which helps relieve many ailments. It is used by Polynesians like aspirin! As a result, eating Noni juice when you have muscle pain or headaches will help relieve these ailments. It is not a drug, but a pain supplement. In his favor, the fact that it does not cause any addiction, unlike many products sold in pharmacies.

To fight against arthritis and joint pain , Noni Juice will also be a good 100% natural remedy!

A cure for stress and cardiovascular disease

Drinking noni juice helps to improve blood circulation in your blood vessels. Those who consume it may be able to regulate their blood pressure and prevent potential heart disease.

Promotes cancer prevention

Studies have shown that Noni juice prevents cancer cells from multiplying , especially in the abdominal area. It would also help prevent the formation of cancer cells. It is therefore recommended as a preventive food and a support for the treatment of the disease.

Noni juice boosts your energy and your mood!

Since it contains a lot of nutrients, Noni juice is ideal to give a boost to your body, when it weakens. You will gain energy by following a course of this fruit, and your mood will also be impacted.

It is the stimulation of the glands responsible for the creation and the diffusion of serotonin (the hormone of the happiness) in the organism which guarantees positive results on our mental and our moods.

Against sleep disorders

In Ayurvedic medicine, Noni juice is also used to provide a feeling of well-being and appeasement, which will promote sleep and reduce stress. Again, it is serotonin that will act on your body to make you feel better.

In cases of depression, Noni juice would also help treated people to regain energy and morale.

Antioxidant benefits

With its powerful antioxidant capacity , Noni juice promotes the disappearance of skin problems (such as eczema), and has an ability to reduce allergies (with strong antihistamines properties).

For the skin and the hair, which it nourishes, it will be beneficial to avoid wrinkles and premature hair loss and it also allows a much faster regrowth of these elements. From the first month of treatment, the results will be visible.

A treatment against obesity?

Regarding weight loss , Noni juice is recommended for two reasons: the energy it provides allows you to practice high intensity exercise and recover faster, and its antioxidant effects will allow the stomach and liver to be more efficient in eliminating superfluous fat.

You should know that Noni Juice is rich in fiber , which will help to absorb the fat of food and which will promote a good transit.

Noni juice consumption: what are the side effects and the dangers?

You should consume juice Noni Bio to enjoy its benefits and if you do not exceed the 30 ml per day recommended, you will suffer no side effects. It is a healthy product, but it is not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

However, it could be toxic to the liver at too high a dose. Indeed, a 2005 study established a link between overconsumption of Noni juice and hepatitis. Therefore, people with liver history should be warned of this potential risk.

Finally, some noni products may contain high levels of potassium , which makes them unsuitable for use by those with kidney problems. It is therefore advisable to check the dosages and the indications written on Noni products before consuming them.

Nutritional contributions of Noni Juice

To be so effective, Noni Juice relies on the following composition:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Dietary fiber
  • Vitamin A
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B3 (known as niacin)
  • Sodium
  • Potassium

Noni juice: a well-being cure via the juice of an Asian fruit

Noni juice is one of those superfoods that nature offers us. If its consumption in the form of fruit is not necessarily possible, because of the scarcity of fruit in our region and especially its very unpleasant smell when it is ripe, we can now easily follow courses of Noni juice or consume it. fruit in the form of a food supplement.

Over a period of 1 to 6 months maximum , you can provide your body with additional protection against various diseases, boost your energy level and improve your mood, but also relieve many ailments and infections.

A real wellness cure , as long as you choose an organic product!

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