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Raspberry ketone is one of the last superfoods  that would facilitate weight loss. As a result, it is found in the composition of many dietary supplements. Assumed to be very effective in burning fat and limiting appetite, it would indeed have a multiple action on the body and would achieve very good results with limited risk of side effects.

Discover its many benefits and our objective opinion in this article. We also share some tips to follow the correct dosage and find a complement based on quality raspberry ketone.

What is raspberry ketone

This is a natural active ingredient extracted from raspberry. It was used previously for the manufacture of perfumes, but also for flavoring drinks or sweets to give them a very pronounced taste of raspberry. It will have been necessary to wait until the 1960s for it to enter the composition of slimming products.

The problem with raspberry ketone is its relatively high cost , far more than garcinia, in terms of its benefits . Indeed, to get just 5 mg of pure ketone, it would take more than a kilo of fresh fruit. This is why we find mainly in a synthetic form, and not natural. Pay attention therefore to the price of your complement, which can feel it. But we’ll tell you more at the end of this article.

Raspberry Ketone

Our opinion on raspberry ketone?

As we have just seen, raspberry ketone is mainly known for its slimming properties. Indeed, it is found in the composition of many pills to slim down, since it facilitates a natural and progressive weight loss. Raspberry ketone will act in two ways on your body.

For starters, it will promote combustion, and a better distribution of fat. But that’s not all, it also has an appetite suppressant effect, which will allow you to better regulate your appetite. And so to limit your daily calorie intake.

The effect burns fat

Like guarana , This will also act by capturing and burning fat. It is indeed rich in polyphenols, which will reduce your fat cells and visibly reduce your cellulite. Another interesting effect, it can produce more adiponectin, which will affect the distribution of fat in your body. This is a good point for those who would like to find a flatter belly.

The fat stored in your body will thus turn into energy, which will allow you to avoid the famous pump stroke that can occur if you follow a low calorie diet. But also to put you to sport, which is essential to promote your weight loss and stabilize it.

Be careful not to consider raspberry ketone as a miracle product . We always remember it for slimming food supplements, but they are only really effective if they are taken as part of a healthy and balanced diet. And especially a regular and sustained sports activity. This is the only way to find the line, especially if you are overweight or have a high BMI.

Other benefits of ketone on your health

This ketone is not only interesting to help you lose weight. Because of its antioxidant content, it will also allow you to be healthier. These have indeed a positive impact on the regeneration of your cells, and allow to inhibit free radicals. These are indeed responsible for their aging, but also inflammatory responses.

This will not only help you keep your skin younger and more elastic. But also boost your immune defenses and therefore repel diseases and viruses.

Is it really effective? What do scientific studies say?

Before buying, and consume a dietary supplement, it is necessary to look at studies that have been conducted to prove its effectiveness. As far as raspberry ketone is concerned, the subject is quite complicated. Indeed, the first tests were done on rodents. They showed that raspberry ketone did have properties that burn fat.

Unfortunately, there are still no such studies on humans. It is therefore expected to have stronger evidence on its effects on weight loss, although there is every reason to believe that this active substance is beautiful and effective.

Raspberry ketone and dosage

To benefit from the natural properties of raspberry ketone, the correct dosage must be respected. It is recommended to take between 1000 and 2000 mg of raspberry ketone a day, by dividing this dosage into several doses during the day. The best time to take the rest of the meal, to boost its effectiveness. Your treatment may last from 3 to 6 months.

Possible side effects of raspberry ketone

If the risk of side effects is limited, however, be careful not to overdose the raspberry ketone. This can indeed result in:

  • an increase in blood pressure and therefore heart problems;
  • increased stress or nervousness
  • nausea ;
  • hot flashes

However, if you follow the recommended dosages, you should not feel any of them.

Where to buy raspberry ketone?

The first question you will have to ask yourself when choosing your slimming supplement with raspberry ketone is if it contains a natural or synthetic form . As we have seen above, raspberry ketone is quite expensive to extract, which explains why some laboratories prefer to produce it themselves. A supplement at very low price will always be made from synthetic ketone, and unnatural. It takes only 2 euros to produce 500 mg of the precious active ingredient.

However, while synthetic raspberry ketone is more affordable, it is not as effective. In its natural form, ketone will have much better effects on your weight loss. In general, choose an add-in that you know precisely the origin to ensure its effects and results you can get.

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