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Also known as “milk of bees”, royal jelly has been known since antiquity for its many nutrients and its many benefits . Super food for the elite bee, Royal jelly contains sugar, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fat. As a dietary supplement, it can be used to strengthen the immune system, reduce fatigue, reduce stress and restore vitality.

Royal jelly is therefore a powerful ally to regain good physical and psychological health . Here is a complete deciphering of this precious complement.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly: description and composition


This is a substance that is secreted from the glands of bee workers in the hive. It is white with some pearlescent effects. Its texture is gelatinous and its smell is reminiscent of fennel. Side taste, it is acid and sweet.

Initially, this jelly is intended for the feeding of larvae (at the beginning of their life to be able to develop), but the queen will be able to consume all its life, hence the name of royal jelly.


The main component of royal jelly is water (between 60% and 70%). It also contains many nutrients like 14.5% of carbohydrates including mainly fructose and glucose, proteins (12%), sugar (11% °), lipids (4.5%) and vitamins (B3, B5 , B6, BB, PP). This is one of the natural sources containing the most vitamin B5, minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper …) and amino acids. It also contains trace elements. Another particularity of this substance: it contains antibiotic and antibacterial compounds.

It has a very rich composition, making it one of the richest foods alongside Goji berries and spirulina.

The benefits of royal jelly on health

Its improves the overall health, but not only! Indeed, it also acts as a stimulant, improves mood, fights fatigue and boosts vitality. In cosmetics, she has actions on the skin and hair. Royal jelly is therefore a versatile substance that promotes well-being .

Here are all the virtues of This jelly.

Strengthens the immune system

The antioxidant properties of Jelly will strengthen your immune system  as winter approaches. This strengthening will help your body to better withstand cold, microbial infections and lack of sunlight.

Brings energy

This is a real tonic and a real source of energy . It can bring you vitality to help your body fight against physical fatigue. Its toning abilities are due to its vitamin B content and trace elements.

If you are exercising or coming out of recovery, Royal Jelly will make your recovery easier.

Euphoric action

This also stimulates brain activity to directly affect mood and mood. It helps to fight against stress and nervous fatigue. In case of fatigue, It will stimulate your nervous system and if you are stressed, it will calm you down.

Stimulates cognitive abilities

It has a positive effect on the blood supply to the brain. It stimulates intellectual abilities.


This is known for its aphrodisiac properties . Results: It increases libido, promotes endurance and increases sexual performance.

The beauty assets of royal jelly

On the skin

Using This Jelly on the skin has multiple benefits. It is particularly effective against acne and to reduce the signs of premature aging.

In addition, by providing essential amino acids to your skin, It will trigger collagen production . If you have bags under the eyes, wrinkles or age spots, these discomforts will disappear.

Do you have dry skin? Does your skin look tired? Enjoy the high water content of royal jelly to alleviate these signs! Indeed, this super food contains enough water to keep your skin hydrated all day. In case of imperfections, the jelly will also attenuate them so that you find a beautiful and clean skin.

Another highlight of This jelly: its effective healing properties to relieve scars, cuts, scrapes …

On the hair

Taking care of your hair is essential for a hair always bright and healthy.

With royal jelly, your lengths can grow faster. Indeed, vitamin B5  accentuates the growth of the hair and brings volume to the hair .

For their part, deoxyribonucleic acid and pantothenic acid, also present in This Jelly, promote cell regeneration while acting on brittle hair and hair loss.

Can royal jelly be combined with other plants?

For more efficiency, nothing prevents you from associating This jelly with plants recognized for their health benefits . So, for better energy, boosting immune defenses and fighting fatigue, combine jelly with acerola, wolfberry, maca or ginseng. To cope with chronic fatigue, the association This Jelly – Guarana is a good idea. And if it’s a physical fatigue, go with royal jelly and ginseng.

Side effects and contraindications of royal jelly

If you are allergic to bee products such as honey, the consumption of This jelly is contraindicated.

Important: in case of allergic reaction, asthma or eczema may occur. So start with small amounts to see if you are having an allergic reaction or not.



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