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The Soursop leaf comes from a tree – the soursop – which produces the big green thorn fruit which is called soursop. This fruit that grows in South America, Africa and Asia is known for its many beneficial properties . One can indeed use its flesh, its juice, its seeds and the soursop leaf which interests us more particularly here.

Let’s discover the benefits and virtues of these leaves of Corossols , as well as the potential risks that there is too much to consume!

Soursop leaf

What is Corossol?

The Soursop leaf comes from the fruit of the same name, which is a fruit that can measure up to 25 cm long, with a weight between 1 and 5 kg . It is recognized by its bark covered with thorns when it is closed, and by its white and pulpy flesh , containing black seeds, once it is open.

It grows in the warmer regions of the planet, especially in Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Reunion or Madagascar, and is very popular for both its sweet / sour taste (sometimes reminiscent of Arlequins sweets) and its moisturizing ability . His flesh is indeed composed of more than 80% water! It is used of various way (in juice, natural, in infusion …) because its different parts offers specific virtues.

Its flesh is used to make very refreshing juice, its bark and roots are used in the traditional medicine of the countries where it grows, and as we will see later, the soursop leaf is endowed with many virtues . Only its black seeds must be removed, because they are indigestible! (If you like exotic fruits, discover also the virtues of African Mango !)

Let’s see what this fruit is made of before describing the beneficial properties of these leaves!

The composition of the soursop fruit and its prosperity

The corolla tree fruit (the tree is sometimes called   Graviola or Guanabana ) is a food rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and alkaloids. It is also full of carbohydrates (especially fructose), which makes it a nutritional source highly appreciated by local people.

Its composition can be broken down as follows:

  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Some water

With such elements, the fruit is able to act on the body in different ways: it is a powerful diuretic , it plays a role in reducing tension , it helps to stabilize the blood sugar level, it acts as a detox food boosting the capacity of the liver, it facilitates the transit and acts as an antispasmodic. But that’s not all ! The soursop will impact the mind , helping to fight against sleep disorders, against stress or against depressive states.

These different actions make this fruit a very healthy food! But if we focus on the soursop leaf, we realize that it is she who offers most of the benefits that we give to this fruit. Let’s see in detail how the leaves of this exotic fruit can have a beneficial effect on our health.

All the benefits of soursop leaves

If the fruit as a whole is as tasty as a benefactor, its leaves are not left behind and offer the person who consumes them many health benefits. Here we list the main benefits of this soursop leaf!

An anti cancer treatment: really?

Let’s start with what made the fame of this fruit a few years ago. Researchers have claimed that the soursop leaf can cure cancer. We were talking about a miracle fruit with promising virtues. Today, the opinions of experts remain divided on the effectiveness of soursop in the fight against cancer.

However, real positive effects should be noted, concerning patients treated with this fruit against a dozen cancers: that of the colon, breast, cancer of the prostate or lung cancer, in particular. Soursop would attack diseased cells, sparing healthy cells, which would be less harmful than chemotherapy.

The soursop leaf against urinary tract infections

Soursop leaves are particularly indicated for those who often suffer from urinary tract infections. Their diuretic properties , which will help clean the body quickly, and their preventive actions in those who regularly suffer from infection of the bladder or urethra, make it a particularly effective natural remedy.

Soursop: good for relieving joint pain

The ability of soursop leaves to reduce inflammation makes it a natural medicine for those suffering from rheumatism or arthritis. It is its ability to evacuate uric acid from the blood that helps relieve these joint pains (or treat the gout syndrome).

A treatment against eczema

Soursop leaf is often suggested as a natural treatment for eczema . Without any side effect, the application of these leaves (in the form of poultice) on the part touched by these irritations makes it possible to reduce the discomfort and to make disappear quickly the inflammation.

Soursop leaves boost the immune system

Thanks to its rich composition of nutrients , the soursop and its leaves help the body to fight effectively against the benign diseases, such as colds or small winter flu. You will have a boost of immune defenses 100% natural, without having to take drugs.

For better digestion!

The soursop leaf is particularly indicated in those who suffer from diarrhea, stomach ache or bloating. Thanks to its antibacterial properties , it will fight effectively against intestinal parasites and improve your intestinal transit.

Fight against sleep disorders with soursop leaf

The soursop leaf is also said to have soothing properties that promote sleep, on the one hand, but also reduce stressand anxiety.

Regulate your diabetes thanks to the soursop leaf

Consuming soursop leaf, especially in the form of an infusion, is beneficial for stabilizing blood sugar levels . A healthy way to fight diabetes.

End erectile dysfunction

In traditional African medicine, the virtues of the soursop leaf are praised to regulate erectile dysfunction . The leaf and its components act as a sexual stimulant, and promote the good flow of blood to the penis.

Fight herpes with soursop leaves

Soursop and its leaves have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties , able to fight against viruses. The consumption of soursop leaves will be perfectly indicated to treat cases of herpes, but also any skin condition.

Soursop leaf: dangers not to be neglected?

Although, on the whole, soursop is a safe fruit , and the consumption of its leaves should not cause side effects, it causes some troubles if you consume too much.

The alkaloids contained in the corossol are very high dose neurotoxins that can lead to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s. With a reasonable consumption and not daily, the concern should not arise. However, the link with this type of nerve disease and over consumption of soursop has been proven in countries where the fruit grows and is easily accessible.

In contrast, an overflow of soursop leaves can cause digestive disorders and stomach upset. For this reason, it is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers.

But except this precaution to take, you are safe to consume soursop leaves from time to time.

How is soursop prepared and consumed?

The best way to enjoy the many benefits of soursop is to boil soursop leaves (about ten to four cups of water) in water for a few minutes, and then to let the beverage cool before eating it. in the form of cold infusion.

A drink after the meal will help you digest and benefit from most of its benefits. If you want to cure your sleep problems, drink a cup of this healthy drink before going to bed.

You can also find food supplements with soursop . These capsules will help you get the benefits of soursop in a perfect dosage.

Soursop leaf: healthy infusions for your body

The soursop leaf, from a fruit benefactor, is a healthy and natural solution to do good. Easy to consume, as an infusion or as a pill, these leaves have very little health risk and they can do a lot of good for your body.

It has many anti-cancer properties, antioxidant benefits, an ability to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce some pain, as well as an ability to relieve inflammation that you may suffer.

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