Wakame Reviews – Read Benefits and Side Effects Before Using!

Wakame and an extremely popular seaweed in Asia, especially in Japan since it is part of the soup Miso that accompanies a large number of meals. Savory, with a salty taste and an atypical texture, it has experienced a surge of popularity in recent years, thanks to the highlighting of its many virtues for the body.

Let’s discover together the benefits of Wakame seaweed , the potential risks associated with its consumption and the different ways to use this super food

Discovering the Wakame seaweed

Wakame is a seaweed native to Asia, which grows mainly on temperate shores. It was first used by China, South Korea and Japan, including traditional medicine in each country and then in gastronomy, before being exported across the globe. Now, it is found everywhere and everyone can easily enjoy its many virtues.

Wakame seaweed is a brown seaweed that is usually found on sale in dehydrated form. Simply soak the leaves (already cut) in water for a few minutes to triple volume. It can be included in many recipes , soups and salads This ease of use, as well as its many benefits that we detail later, have helped to increase the popularity of this algae also called fern sea.


In United Kingdom, it was discovered in the early 90s, when Japanese cuisine began to invade our country. It has contributed to the diffusion of other Japanese or Asian healthy foods, such as chitosan and its slimming properties or the Goji berry and its powerful antioxidant properties. Since then, many studies have explored the different properties of this alga with results that demonstrate each time that it is indeed a rare and very beneficial product.

Now, it is also produced on the coast of Brittany, and this version is sold fresh and preserved in salt (It is also in the form of capsules, or powder). However, Wakame seaweed production remains controlled because it is one of the most harmful invasive plant species.

We detail below the properties of this Japanese seaweed , so that you understand why it is so successful.

Wakame seaweed: the composition and properties of this sea plant

Wakame is a seaweed rich in trace elements , vitamins, fiber and nutrients contributing to the proper functioning of the body. It contains in particular:

  • Of fibers (with 41.4 g per 100 g of algae), which improve digestion and can fight against stomach ache. It is also a slimming ally, beneficial when you follow a slimming / detox
  • Of beta-carotene : its powerful antioxidants contained in large quantities in the Wakame seaweed, which gives many benefits this sea fern for skin, hair and all cells
  • Of iron , which promotes good cell oxygenation
  • Of calcium , with a higher intake than most dairy products. A healthy alternative for lacto-intolerant
  • Of sodium , which helps the body to circulate the water in the body
  • Many vitamins (A, B1, B2, B9, B12, C, K) essential for constant energy intake and protection against many diseases

This richness in vitamins and mineral salts gives this seaweed many beneficial virtues, which we detail later!

All the benefits of Wakame on the body

If she knows so much success, it’s not for nothing. The seaweed Wakame is able to do a lot of good to those who consume it, since it acts on the whole body . Here we present you his main actions, before explaining to you how to consume it.

A help with digestion

Wakame is rich in fiber and has diuretic properties . As a result, it will promote intestinal transit and allow to eliminate without difficulty what contains your stomach. In addition, it helps fight against the retention of water, which is one of the main factors of bloating. A good way to find a flat belly and cleaned intestines quickly.

A powerful fat burning

The element contained in the Wakame alga known as fucoxanthin would, according to a recent Japanese study, promote the burning of body fat . On the one hand, it will promote the action of proteins that help the oxidation of fat, on the other hand, it helps to improve the functioning of the liver and thus the elimination of superfluous fat. It is therefore an ally slimming natural very interesting, which is more nourishing and very low caloric (with 45Kcal / 100g!).

Good for the brain

This sea fern brings to the brain minerals and vitamins that are commendable for keeping it healthy. Thus, a Wakame algae consumer will manage to stay focused longer and the memory loss will not affect it.

To fight against anemia

If you suffer from iron deficiency , a cure of Wakame will be more than beneficial, with an iron level of 17.2 mg per 100 grams of seaweed. Anemics therefore have an alternative solution to iron injections, which is both less restrictive and more pleasant to follow!

Reduces blood pressure

The consumption of Wakame seaweed could significantly reduce high blood pressure , as evidenced by many Japanese studies.

Helps control cholesterol

Thanks to its action on the liver, this seaweed allows this organ to work better and to fulfill more efficiently its main tasks. Among them, the production of DHA (omega-3), which can effectively eliminate bad cholesterol.

Prevents certain cardiovascular diseases

This benefit stems from the previous ones, since it reduces blood pressure and eliminates bad cholesterol will logically help to effectively prevent cardiovascular disease . The iron contained in Wakame is also very beneficial to improve blood circulation, and thus reduce the risk of heart accidents.

It has anti-aging properties

The vitamin C contained in the Wakame seaweed is known to be a powerful antioxidant . Thanks to its action, the body will produce more collagen, which will allow the skin to remain flexible, smooth and healthy. On a face, this results in young skin without wrinkles!

This seaweed is also said to benefit the hair, which it feeds effectively. If you suffer from hair loss, this may be an interesting solution.

Increases immune defenses

Wakame is a natural food that will help the immune system to strengthen. This protects your body against infections and viruses and is a healthy way to treat benign diseases.

Reduces the risk of cancer

In traditional Chinese medicine, many algae are used to treat tumors. In Japan, the number of breast cancer among subjects consuming Wakame was lower than that of those who did not. If other factors come into play, it seems that the chemoprotective effects of the Wakame seaweed are very real.

Wakame and its anti-inflammatory action

This seaweed is also known for its ability to reduce the inflammation  that is sometimes subject our body. Whether it is stomach pain, bone inflammation, joint pain or sudden fever, Wakame will be beneficial.

This seaweed is therefore recommended for people with arthritis and osteoporosis.

The health risks of Wakame seaweed

Wakame seaweed is a 100% natural food that has no side effects and can be consumed by everyone, with one exception: people with thyroid.

It is good to know that this food is extremely rich in iodine (with 19 100 μg per 100 grams of seaweed), which makes it unsuitable for the subjects having a dysfunction of the thyroid.

How are Wakame seaweed used?

Now that you know all the virtues of this beneficial seaweed, it’s time to understand how you can use it in your daily life . It is very simple !

As we mentioned above, the Wakame seaweed is generally in the form of cut leaves and dehydrated that will beenough to soak about ten minutes to inflate them. You can then include them in a salad, which will take advantage of its salty / sweet taste and its gelatinous aspect, in a tofu dish in which it will come to raise the taste of this main food, or in a miso soup or a Ramen .

For these last two options, simply place the Wakame leaves in the bowl and soak them only when you consume them. Good and healthy, this seaweed can also be reduced to a powder , which you will sprinkle on your fish or shellfish dishes or on vegetables, rice or even some pieces of meat. If you like his taste, there is no doubt that you will be able to vary the uses and include it in a whole bunch of recipes.

You can also eat Wakame capsules, to enjoy its concentrated benefits via a dietary supplement, or as an infusion if you want to try seaweed tea. It is also possible to get fresh Wakame, to use in salad, wok or Japanese-inspired recipes!

To keep the dehydrated Wakame seaweed , it will be enough to put it in a dark place, close to heat and moisture. If you have fresh Wakame in your possession , it will keep in the fridge for several days, in an airtight container, like a classic vegetable!

Warning: do not cook the seaweed Wakame, under penalty of losing a lot of its nutrients and dull its pretty color. When you consume it hot, do not leave it too long in contact with the heat!

The seaweed Wakame: an edible seaweed with multiple virtues!

The consumption of this Wakame seaweed has spread around the world and now, you certainly understand better why. It is a natural food, rich in protein, fiber and nutrients that presents itself as a real health asset . We have rarely seen such a complete food and it has the merit of being able to be used very easily.

Its taste allows to insert it in many recipes, hot or cold, you can even make atypical drinks with this seaweed, to enjoy its benefits at any time. If you prefer to opt for capsules, this is an option.

It is recommended for everyone, whether you want to lose weight, stay healthy, prevent accelerated aging of your cells or simply take care of your cognitive functions. Thanks to this sea fern , your organism will perform well without you having to resort to artificial products.

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